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Aims and Objectives

As members of KAMA, we are called to:

  1. promote God’s Kingdom and to set forth His glory;
  2. help members grow in spirit, mind, and body, and be nurtured in faith for every good work;
  3. encourage members play an active part in the mission of the Church;
  4. promote Christian principles in national, county and community life;
  5. encourage members undertake acts of Christian service for the distressed, the disadvantaged, or the disabled;
  6. encourage members use the gifts God has given them as good stewards of God’s varied grace;
  7. encourage members use their resources in supporting the work of the Church at all levels;
  8. encourage Anglican lay men and women play positive roles as Christians in the political, social, and economic life of the nation;
  9. honour the institution of marriage as ordained by God and promote Christian family values; and
  10. promote the Christian fellowship, love and unity in the Church and society, and promote spiritual enthusiasm among members.

These are just highlights. The objectives are expounded in the KAMA Constitution on pages 4 to 30. I trust each one of us has a copy and if not, the publication is available at the Diocesan bookshop for Kshs. 200 only.

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    2015 KAMA members enrolment service will be on Saturday July 4th at St. Stephens Cathedral. It will be conducted by the Diocesan Bishop, The Right Reverend Joel Waweru. The service will start at 9am.

    Candidates trainings are on Sun 10th; Sat 16th; Sun 17th; Sat 30th; Sun 31st May; Sun 7th and Sun 14th June at the St. Stephens Cathedral. All the training sessions are for three hours from 2 to 5pm.
    Every candidate must be trained. (A candidates is required to attend only one session).

    Enrolment rehearsals will be on Sunday 28th June at the cathedral.

    Enrolment requirements are:
    Be a full communicant member of the Anglican church.
    a) not less than 25 years old.
    b) Those less than 25 years old are accepted if they are married in church.
    Is willing to be publically enrolled as a member.

    The enrolment will be proceeded by a KAMA week commencing on Sunday 28th June and culminating with the KAMA Sunday on July 5th. CRS activities are planned for the week.

    Calling on you non-enrolled St. Paul’s Anglican man to pick an enrolment Form from the Parish office. Fill the Form and return it with enrolment fee of Kes 500/=

    FOR MORE DETAIL SEE KAMA CHAIRMAN or any executive member.

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