About St Paul’s Parish Church, Nairobi South C

Who are we?

We are a Church of Christ.
We are identified with the Lord Jesus, Our Source of Salvation.
We are a Faith-Based Organisation, whose purpose is founded in the Teachings and Values of Jesus Christ Our Lord, as revealed in the Holy Scriptures.
All Glory to God – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – in whose Name we Seek to Serve.

Our Vision

To be an Empowered Church Transforming Humanity.

Our Mission

To Empower Humanity for Holistic Service inspired by God’s will.

Our Core Values

  • Unity
  • Faith and Practice
  • Integrity
  • Accountability/ Transparency
  • Service

9 thoughts on “About St Paul’s Parish Church, Nairobi South C

  1. We need to come up with the history of how this church has evolved from the days in YMCA to the Mabati structure.We may also need to mention the Vicars and their curate who have served since its inception. I think it can make a good read.Testimonies would also be welcome about how God has continued to work through church members and their walk of salvation.

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  2. our church history is in progress. thanks to Hon Charles Rubia who has already written something very impressive on the same……… looking forward for more before posting. Blessings to ALL CHRISTIANS.

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  3. We were blessed by the love you showed us while we were there for the music festival this year. we are indeed grateful to you the Vicar and the entire church, not forgetting Mwalimu Omondi and the wife, Gladys, Nancy, Queen, Alice, Delilah, George to mention but a few. we are indeed grateful. Thank you for sharing your blessings with us.

    The message we received on Sunday about HOPE was also very refreshing.

    Sylivia, St Paul Katuuso Uganda.

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